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I suggest that the newest “recent changes” are on the top of the page and the older ones at the bottom. Since they are currently in the opposite order, the reader has to scroll down to see the most recent of the “recent changes”. –General/AlexanderD

Wow, speak and you will be heard. Thank you, whoever is in charge of the Wiki underbelly! Now General/RecentChanges is more user friendly (to me). May I retire this page? –General/AlexanderD

Vote (increase the number and add one “+” to the graph):

For: +++++ +++++ + (11) Against: (0) Don’t care: + (1)

If the General/RecentChanges page is too long, edit it to remove the older entries, or lump several related changes together.

It would also make it consistent with the Discussions page. —- I am so used to scrolling to the bottom of the General/RecentChanges page that I scroll down the main General/CocoaDev page to click the General/RecentChanges link at the bottom. I think I can break that habit though, just give me a few weeks.

I just bookmarked the General/RecentChanges page. Honestly… I’m fine with it how it is. But whatever.

Since you all asked so nicely, I’ve scripted reverse General/RecentChanges and fired it off to General/StevenFrank. Hopefully it’ll work first time :) – General/KritTer

This is where we’re supposed to pray.


it would be nice if the most recent day was also on top

Well it is, it just needed coercing!

Woah. I was wondering why my page had been edited when I hadn’t messed with it for a few days. Then I realized that the newest edits are at the top now. –General/OwenAnderson

Yeah, I accidentally deleted all today’s changes because I didn’t notice… thankfully we’ve got history now :)