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I have a few questions, and I can’t find the answers anywhere!

Heres my setup: Powerebook w/ 17” monitor in the DVI output and TV in the svideo output. To watch TV I have to pull the monitor out of its DVI socket.

So I want to write a program which switches to the svideo output from the DVI output and back again. Also, I then want to be able to switch which screen is the main display - I use VLC for almost everything, and it is set to use the second display (tv) but when I want to watch WMV files I use the MS win media player, which needs the TV to be the main display. As I use VLC most I like have the main display on my laptop monitor, so I can work whilst the TV playing as well.

Any pointers / clues?

Cheers, Tom

Such…. helpful… advice. If ever an answer on this wiki deserved a pointer to General/HowToWriteHelpfulAnswers, this one does. If your response does not contribute, then why post it at all?

Be patient. If * is older than about age 14, I shall be most surprised. One thing we do know, he discovered Carbon and just had to tell us. General/CocoaDev has always had its Joshas. Now we have a *.

Not to worry folks, I seem to have found what I needed now. Theres a Carbon Display Manager library.



… so the answer began with a k?

I’ll admit I’m a noob at this stuff. Forgive me for my “advice”. I will definitly review the General/HowToWriteHelpfulAnswers. I just came across this site during my comp science class and was doing a couple things at once.

P.S. Feel free to delete this as it is a pointless confession

—- In your favour, you are eager to improve. And a “confession” is always nice.

Feel free to qoute that for beginners at this (seeing how I am one). Sounds like some Monty Python sketch: “The answer starts with a k”

This community thrives on people helping people. However, if you’re “not sure”, then don’t post. Not a gripe, just simple logic to keep the peace.