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I’ve been working on a browser, and recently when implementing a search menu I ran into trouble. In providing users with a choice of search engine to use, I need to changed the currently “selected” option in my General/NSSearchField. I tried doing this with the following code, but when I try it, there is no reaction from the menu items at all.


What’s wrong? I’m sure it’s something blatantly obvious, but I just can’t put my finger on it.

Are you sure that sender is the object you’re assuming it to be? —-

Hmm… It should be the menu item the user clicked on, but I suppose not. Any other way to tell what item was selected?

This is a common problem people have with General/NSSearchField. When you set up your General/NSSearchField, you set its menu either in IB or through code with setSearchMenuTemplate. Either way, General/NSSearchFieldCell takes that General/NSMenu as its menu template, not the actual General/NSMenu that is to be displayed.

So, assuming that googleItem and yahooItem are General/NSMenuItems in the menu template, changes made to them will have no effect on the General/NSSearchField because it’s displaying a copy of that template made back when you last set it.

What you need to do is add General/theSearchField cell] setSearchMenuTemplate:searchMenu] at the end of your code to tell the [[NSSearchField to base its menu on your updated one.

There was a thread about this on the Cocoa-Dev mailing list here


Thanks, that did the trick!