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Describe General/TableColumnHeaderRightClick here.

im trying to get a contextual menu to pop-up when a column header is right clicked to add and remove columns ala itunes. i’ve already added view options where you can add and remove columns via checkboxes (like itunes) but i also want to have right click work in the column header and can’t figure it out for the life of me. the tables themselves have contextual menus so i already have that taken care of (thanks to alot of the information on cocoadev :) ) any help would be super appreciated.

An General/NSTableHeaderView is simply a subclass of General/NSView. Subclass it and add your own methods for right clicking such as popping up a contextual menu (lots of information on this site, especially useful may be the General/RightClickSelectInTableView page). Then use General/NSTableView’s setHeaderView: method to add it.

This can be implemented this by doing the following:

The window controller has the following in the @interface of the .h-file:

General/IBOutlet General/NSTableView *theTable; General/IBOutlet General/NSMenu *columnsMenu; General/IBOutlet General/NSTableColumn *tcColumnOne; General/IBOutlet General/NSTableColumn *tcColumnTwo; General/IBOutlet General/NSTableColumn *tcColumnThree;

In the corresponding .nib-file, an General/NSMenu needs to be created with one menu item for each column in the table. These should have their tag set to 0, 1, 2 etc.

The variable columnsMenu should be connected to the created General/NSMenu, in the controller. Each of the above General/IBOutlets should be connected to their corresponding General/NSTableColumns. theTable should be connected to the table containing the columns.

Then create a method in the controller:

“theTable” should be the variable name of your table. Then connect each menu item in the created General/NSMenu to the toggleColumn method, as action.

And to complete this, add the following code to the awakeFromNib method in your controller:

And don’t forget to release the columns in the dealloc method:

I may have missed something, but try that out.