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I am trying to dupicate the behavior seen in iTunes’s source list, where when you click on a certain row (i.e. the Music Store), it changes the view from an General/NSTableView to a General/WebView (probably in an General/NSTabView). What I want to know is how to get it to send the method to the tabview to change its current tab when a row is clicked in the tableview. I understand General/NSTableView uses its delegate methods to send notifications about changes in selection, and that I can use the -clickedRow method to know which one, but what I need to know is where and how can I implement this? Do I do it in a subclass of the tableview? Or do I do it in another subclass altogether? I’ve seen this behavior in a lot of good apps and little or no documentation on how to do it exactly. –General/LoganCollins

You need to implement tableViewSelectionDidChange: on the table view’s delegate. Rather than using a tab view, however, it might make more sense to just have the big view you want to switch between General/NSTableView and General/WebView be a generic General/NSView. Then programmatically point it to whichever view is appropriate. Alternately, add the appropriate view as a subview. It seems like using a tab view here would be… not the intended use for a tab view. – General/AndyMatuschak

Another possibility is to assign your table column’s cell an action, which will be sent when the user clicks on it. Also, you should use [tableView selectedRow] (which is probably more reliable than clickedRow anyway). –General/JediKnil

I see nothing wrong with using a (tabless) tab view here. –General/RyanStevens

Since iTunes is Carbon, it's using neither an General/NSTableView nor a General/WebView. General/WebView is available to Carbon apps, so iTunes *could* use it. It doesn't, though.