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Every time I check General/CocoaDev for new material, I am pointed to pages that have changed. However, there’s no indication of WHAT has changed! is there any way that changes can be tagged in another color?

*No, but you can use the History option at the top of each page to do a direct comparison.

If you feel energetic, you can even use the Unix tool diff to do that comparison for you.

Incidentally, I’m not sure what you were trying to do with the \%\%BEGINENTRY\%\%/\%\%ENDENTRY\%\% tags, but it wasn’t correct. Look at General/HowToUseTopics.

– General/KritTer *

It would be interesting to have some additional interface to this using diff or something, though, wouldn’t it? – General/RobRix

If by “interesting” you mean “amazingly hard to implement because HTML tags don’t nest and we’re writing all this in one single Perl script” then yes. – General/KritTer

** :D Yes, that’s exactly what I meant :D – General/RobRix**

Or you could just tag your addition/modification with a date or time… – General/KentSutherland

Only useful on a discussions page, I feel. If you’re just correcting an information page, or adding some prose, the date and time would be out of place. I personally use the low-tech approach of hitting History and back-and-forthing to see what’s different. – General/KritTer