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Hi all,

I’m creating a custom Tempalte project in Xcode 2.0 . I have declared all the files that have tags that needs to be replaced in the General/TemplateInfo?.plist file inside my .xcode bundle. All seems well and i can create a new project from my custom template, however i get a few files that haven’t had their tags being replaced. I’ve checked paths and names of the files not having their tags replaced, but i can’t spot the problem at all.. Just wondering if someone has encountered the same situation or know of a solution..

Thanks heaps, John

Okay, that begs the questions: Which files? What are the file types of the problem files? Which tags aren’t being replaced? What does your PLIST file look like? Please see General/HowToAskQuestions for more details on what you should be posting with your question if you’d like a specific, helpful answer.