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When working on an application using multiple Managed Object Contexts, you might come across this error message when saving:

Temporary object General/IDs do not respond to -_referenceData64 *** Uncaught exception: <General/NSInternalInconsistencyException> Temporary object General/IDs do not respond to -_referenceData64

I believe this is caused by mixing the Managed Object Contexts used within a Managed Object.


Object A has an instance of Object B. Object A belongs to MOC Z Object B belongs to MOC Y

When you save MOC Z, the above exception will be thrown. This is because you’re trying to save objects in one context, when they belong to another.

** Solution: **

Make sure that ALL of the objects and relationships in your code are instantiated with the SAME correct Managed Object Context (particularly if you’re using some convenience methods in a singleton class to make grabbing the MOC easy). Easiest way to do this is [self managedObjectContext]. Common points where this might occur (where default objects may be instantiated):

- (void)awakeFromFetch;

- (void)awakeFromInsert;

– General/JeremyHiggs