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To reveal the current working directory in the Finder, type open .

open is very practical, open will simulate a doubleclick, but one can also do e.g. open to open that page (in the default browser), and one can also specify the application to use, e.g. open -a VLC someMovie.avi to open the movie with VLC.

pbpaste will dump the contents of the pasteboad and pbcopy will read from stdin and place that on the pasteboard.

Unfortunately the shell starts all commands in a pipe-sequence simultaneously so pbpaste sed … pbcopy will fail, but one can delay the pbcopy like this pbpaste expand -3 >/tmp/crap && pbcopy </tmp/crap.

Or, if you do it a lot, in tcsh create an alias like

alias pbfilter ‘pbpaste !* >/tmp/crap && pbcopy </tmp/crap’

or in bash, a function a la:

pbfilter() { pbpaste $* >/tmp/crap; pbcopy </tmp/crap; }

Cmd-Ctrl-V pastes escaped text from the pasteboard.

Cmd-Shift-V pastes the current selection (w/o placing it on the pasteboard).