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So I’ve implemented the - (void)tableView:(General/NSTableView *)aTableView willDisplayCell:(id)aCell forTableColumn:(General/NSTableColumn *)aTableColumn row:(int)rowIndex delegate method to change the text color of the General/NSTableView’s cells to red. However, this delegate method seems to only be called for one of my 4 columns, not all of them. As a result, only one column of my table is red, while the rest remain black. Why is this? Thanks for the help.

what does your willDisplayCell:… look like? are you doing any testing on the the General/NSTableColumn that’s passed in?

well, here is one test that i did:

- (void)tableView:(General/NSTableView *)aTableView   willDisplayCell:(id)aCell    forTableColumn:(General/NSTableColumn *)aTableColumn
		  row:(int)rowIndex {
General/NSTextFieldCell *temp = General/[[NSTextFieldCell alloc] init];
if( [aCell class] == [temp class] )
	General/NSLog( @"this is a text field cell" );

[aCell setTextColor:General/[NSColor redColor]];


and when i ran it, the “this is a text field cell” string only appeared in my General/NSLog 8 times, the number of rows i had, not 8 * 4, the rows times the columns, or the total number of cells. also, only the very first column had the red text, not all 4 columns. so I’m not sure whats up.

are you supplying data for all columns in your objectValueForTableColumn:…? are all the columns cells General/NSTextFieldCells? if( [aCell isKindOfClass:General/[NSTextFieldCell class]] ) is probably more reliable than testing on equality.