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I am at a loss to figure out how to read a text file into a String in Java. I am new to Java, so maybe I am just really missing something in the documentation. Also, I was wondering if anybody has step by step instructions on how to get the Java Bridge working in Cocoa (using both Objective-C and Java classes in the same project).

– General/JamesGlenlake

String readFile( String filePath ) { General/StringBuffer fileContents = new General/StringBuffer();

try {
	General/BufferedReader reader = new General/BufferedReader(
		new General/FileReader(filePath)

	String line;

	while ( (line = reader.readLine()) != null ) {
} catch ( General/IOException ioe ) {
	// handle the exception properly in the real application
	return null;
} finally {

return fileContents.toString(); }

I suggest looking up the documentation for General/FileReader, General/BufferedReader and look at the Java Tutorial on

– General/TheoHultberg/Iconara

The documentation for General/BufferedReader says that it does not include the line terminator in readLine(). Should I append a “\n” with each line as well?

– General/JamesGlenlake

If you need it, yes.