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Hey, all!

I’m trying to do my own sort of Sketch app (Examples/General/AppKit/Sketch) just to try to learn it all. I managed, by myself, all the way through rectangles, ovals and pictures, but when I started to make my own text-thingy I thought I needed some help. So, I looked at the code in the Sketch app and rewrote it some to fit the structure of my own code, while not � as far as I can tell � changing the important parts. But when I ran the program, the text � both while I was viewing it, and editing it � was always in the lower left corner of the text-rectangle. Which was quite annoying. Since I could not fix this problem, I deleted all that crap-code (=P) and started writing it all on my own. “Wee!”, I said when I made “Hello World!” visible in my General/NSView. But.. The joy didn’t last too long. When I resized the text-rect so the “Hello” and the “World!” need to be on two different rows it becomes like this:

World! Hello

Which is completely wrong! And when I shrink the rect even more, the text is drawn like this:

! d l r o W

o l l e H

Why? I cannot seem to figure this out! Please, help me. I would be so grateful!

Huge thanks in advance.

Yours sincerely, General/AntonKiland, Sweden.

Have you tried flipping the view?

– General/MikeTrent

That could fix the problem.. Only thing is: How to flip it? =)


– General/AntonKiland

Implement - (BOOL)isFlipped and just tell it to return YES. That is to say, add this to your General/NSView subclass:

– General/JustinAnderson

Major thanks! It works now =)

– General/AntonKiland