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I have posted this question a while before, still looking for a solution.

I need to display a report in the General/TextView field. Something like this:

VGVCVC 33 2 1 33 100 100 VCC 23 3 0 1 0 2 VCVGCCCC 3 1 0 3 90 100 VC 3 5 6 2 34 1

But I get this instead:

VGVCVC 33 2 1 33 100 100 VCC 23 3 0 1 0 2 VCVGCCCC 3 1 0 3 90 100 VCCC 2` 7 100 3 6 1 VC 3 5 6 2 34 1

I am using - General/NSString initWithFormatedString: and using tab spaced in the formatedstring. Then get attributedString , then display textView with the attributedString .

I noticed that problem happens for any pattern which has more than 4 letters( e.g. VGVCVC, VCVGCCCC in above example), it pushes the tab space backwords. I am guessing it is related to OSX UTF8String in displaying?

It’s difficult for me to use tableView in this case. I would not know rows and colums ahead of time – Rows are obtained dynamicly, and I get each row from a for loop.

Any trick to align them up?


Tab just aligns to the next multiple-of-8 column, even at the best of times. Try using a General/NSTableView instead. You know you want to…

You could always store the results in an General/NSArray or something, so you only need to work them out dynamically once. Then the table view may be possible.

Is it actually the number of columns that you don’t know before hand?

– General/KritTer

I have an General/NSSegmentedControl in the toolbar of my app which, when pressed, changes the alignment of the General/TextView. I need to know when a user changes the alignment using the menu instead of the General/SegmentedControl so that I can change the highlighted cell to reflect the current text alignment. I also need to know when the alignment has changed within a document (ie: on line 4, it is aligned to the right, but on line 5, it is centered. When the user moves the cursor to line 5, I need to change the General/SegmentedControl to reflect this). Is there some sort of General/NSNotification that will help me with this? Any help would be appreciated.

– General/MattBall

You can use General/NSTextViewDidChangeTypingAttributesNotification or - (void)textViewDidChangeTypingAttributes:(General/NSNotification *)aNotification in your delegate and get the typingAttributes from there, which contains a General/NSParagraphStyleAttributeName, which is a General/NSParagraphStyle object which you can retrieve the alignment from.