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General/TextWrangler is a free text editor from Bare Bones.


(Reworded so as not to offend anybody …) A simple lament: I wish the Format system service had something similar to Zap Gremlins. If it weren’t for that, I’d have no real use for General/TextWrangler. It’s nice, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t do much more for me than the neat little text-‘wrangling’ utilities in the Format system service.

have you tried General/TextExtras? you could probably write a script to do the zap gremlins thing

No, haven’t tried it. Thanks for the tip. (Updated) Actually, I use the Format services menu as well as the Convert menu. I know ‘Convert’ is provided by General/WordService (By Devon Technologies), but I’m not sure about the Format menu. Can’t remember and too lazy to check. ;-) Those two menus combined provide everything I need short of general ‘gremlin zapping’.

Forgive my ignorance, but what the heck is gremlin zapping?

*It’s what General/BareBones calls ‘removing control characters and non-ASCII characters from a text file**

Anybody know where one might obtain a Ruby extension for General/TextWrangler? It’s amazing to me that the program still doesn’t support it natively.

Perhaps [] would work with General/TextWrangler

Hmm, that looks kind of old. Let us know if it worked. General/TextWrangler supports codeless language modules, so if *anybody is using General/BBEdit for Ruby then there should be some solution.*

“It works. I don’t know if it’s perfect or not, but at least it works. It was the only thing I was able to find, anyway.”

Try the Ruby plugin listed on the plug-in library page: []

Watch out though there’s a bug in General/BBEdit 8.2.1 that will crash if using a third party language module

yeah, that’s because nobody uses General/BBEdit for anything but HTML anymore.

Hrm, counterexample! I use General/BBEdit for most everything (in conjunction with other editors).

Fair enough. There were statistics released a few years ago by BB that showed 95% of General/BBEdit users used it mainly for HTML authoring.