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Does anyone know how to get the texture window color? I know that you can get it using windowBackgroundColor when the window already has texture bgd, but is there any way to get it when you have a pinstripe window?


You could always create an invisible window with General/NSTexturedBackgroundWindowMask and get the color from that.

I was wondering, if I could somehow get the color as data, and save it in a plist inside the bundle?


[window backgroundColor] returns a General/NSColor object, you can archive that with General/NSArchiver and save it.

Keep in mind that the texture is copyrighted artwork, so you don’t have the right to distribute it.

So General/PerversionTracker is in deep trouble! :)

When I posted this way back when, the purpose was to use the color to draw it in an General/NSView subclass that was messing up the texture background below it.