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Perhaps better than General/NeHe, for one who wants to learn General/OpenGL instead of to learn how to do something in General/OpenGL, is the General/RedBook. More theory, more abstract, and more, at least, my pace– after reading the General/RedBook once or twice, I looked at General/NeHe and, at each tutorial lesson, read the objective and then wrote the necessary code, and compared to what the tutorial said was correct. I suppose my approach was more to learn General/OpenGL as General/OpenGL, and not for a specific purpose, but for those who want to gain deep knowledge of the API, I strongly, strongly suggest the General/RedBook. It can be found at

PDF from

The General/RedBook is more an in-depth look at General/OpenGL than it is a cookbook.

See General/TheOpenGLBlueBook for a hyperlinked API reference.