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Q.: How do I make use of webView in other thread? I decided to make a `spider’ object, running in separate thread, wich will feed webView with desired General/URLs, but this idea failed – webView seems to be not thread safe at all. Using General/NSTextField seems to work.

A.: It’s very easy to have something run primarily in a separate thread, then message back to the main thread for operations like this, using performSelectorOnMainThread:…. Since General/NSTextField is not listed as being thread-safe, most likely the version it works for you is that you’ve been getting lucky. Thread safety is often like that; 99.9% of the time it works fine, and 0.1% of the time it fails in a bizarre manner. I suggest reading to find out exactly what is and is not thread safe in Cocoa.

Thank you for performSelectorOnMainThread:�. I clean up this thread, so it looks like part of FAQ.