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Creating a thumbnail view for a bunch of images seems to be a very common task, yet I can’t find any code examples. Does anyone have any?

– Erik

General/NSMatrix, General/NSImageCell –zootbobbalu

Yeah, that about as much information as I’ve found. But there’s a lot more than that to it.. Something like a class that takes a General/NSArray with image filenames as input, is capable of handling lots of images efficiently (fast thumbnail loading and scrolling), has resizable, selectable, sortable and clickable thumbs and holds a General/NSArray of selcted images filenames would be really nice… – Erik

The General/IPhotoLikeView page is a great place to start. Among other options, it’s not terribly difficult to draw multiple images in a single large General/NSView subclass using things like -drawAtPoint:fromRect:operation:fraction . – General/PaulCollins

Apple’s Cocoa Performance Guidelines document is also useful when you’re designing things like this.

Look at General/MUPhotoView – General/BjoernKriews