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From I quote:

* “2: Where is Java 1.5 (J2SE 5.0)?

Developer Preview 7 of J2SE 5.0 Release 1 is now available at the ADC Download Site. The preview requires Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger Build 8A425, also available on the ADC Download Site to seed key holders. Access to pre-release Apple software is discussed in the ADC Frequently Asked Questions. There are currently no plans to release J2SE 5.0 for Mac OS X Panther or any earlier releases. “ *

My question is, will I be able to download Java 1.5 from when my copy of Tiger arrives on the 29th. Right now, when I log in, I don’t see the option to download Java J2SE 5.0 Release 1.

Has anyone heard from Apple or have any insight on the matter?

ps. Please don’t get into a religious war about Java on this wiki page.

My guess is, if you have a seed key, you can see and download it. Cuz I have a key, and I can see it on the ADC. How very insightful.

“How very insightful.” How very stand-offish and superior.

Well, at least it isn’t a Java-religious war that seems to be starting…

Do I remember correctly that Apple released a developer preview (even for those with a free developer account) of Java 1.4? That’s why I ask. -General/JoeCrow

For anyone that cares, Java 1.5 Release 1 is available from Apple as a separate download. See this link: -General/JoeCrow

Just note that 1.5 only works with Tiger. So for those still running 10.3.x, don’t bother to download it ;-)

This really sucks for those of us stuck with Panther. Is there any technical reason why Apple/Sun couldn’t be bothered to port 1.5 to 10.3?

I don’t know about a technical reason, but I can think of a business reason ;-)