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Will anyone be going to the free Tiger Development Briefing in London? Just wondering. - General/StefanPantos

Me me me - General/FrederickCheung

Yep I’m going, I’m also in oxford Stefan, studying computing & psychology at brookes. - General/LukeSands

I am as well, will have to wake up early though. - General/PhilippeRobin

I wish…please tell us all about it - General/JediKnil

Well, I just wish that there was an Apple sanctioned place that we Select/Premium ADC members could discuss Tiger.

Yes, I really don’t understand why Apple doesn’t start a mailing list. There’s obviously demand. I suppose one small problem is that they’ve farmed out searching to google and the like, and they won’t allow google to index this one..

Does Apple ever do anything based on what the developers �demand�? ;)