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i am trying to obtain key events sent to my window and I have been successful. By subclassing General/NSWindow etc.

However, within the class I am trying to catch the up and and down arrow keys but it doesn’t work. Can somone please look at the code below to see what’s wrong? Thanks a lot.

This works

But this doesn’t and I get a warning. I understand that General/NSUpArrowFunctionKey is an integer, but how do I actually compare it. General/RealControl.m:27: warning: comparison between pointer and integer

Neither does this work, and I get no warnings or errors �

Can someone please tell me what’s wrong? Thanks again.

Shaun. —-

Try General/ArrowKeyForKeyEquivalent, and then do a little digging, since that page deals only with left and right. The others should be close at hand.

Try if (General/event characters] characterAtIndex:0] == [[NSUpArrowFunctionKey)

I see this a lot, even an Apple guy posted this, but it is broken! It will throw an exception if the event contain no characters, and some key events do!

This should work too.

What if two keys are pressed at once?

Then you should figure out what logically makes sense in your situation. :-)