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I’m looking for the best way to trigger an update of an General/NSTextField in my bindings based app. The General/NSTextField displays a float output of a calculation using data in a General/NSMutableArray (bound to an General/NSArrayController as General/NSTableView). I added a a binding of the General/NSTextField into File’s Owner / My Document, where the General/NSMutableArray is instantiated and I can do the calculation. This works fine when I initially load the data, but as I add/update entries, the General/NSTextField is not updated. I assume this is because they are bound to different controllers, so an update is not recognized.

Is there a delegate that can be used to tell when anything in the General/NSMutableArray / General/NSArrayController has changed? Or, is there some better way to do this, without resorting to an “Update” button on the UI (which I’m using now)?