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Please bear with be here, because I’m sort of a noob…

I’m trying to add an auxiliary executable to my project. So I added a new Target, selecting Tool. But when I try to build it, I get two errors:

* Command /Developer/Private/jam failed with exit code 1

Undefined symbols: *

Can anyone tell me what these errors mean and how I can fix them? Thanks.


Most likely it’s because you didn’t add a Framework that is being referenced in your code. (e.g. you are using Foundation classes like General/NSString in your main function without adding this framework to the tool’s target). If this is the case you need to learn how to add a Framework to a target.


What are you using Jam? isn’t that sort of old (I believe this is the old project builder format?). I’d upgrade to native target as a starting point.


Thank guys, you were both right. I didn’t add a framework to my target, and I was using an old target template. So I changed it to a native template and added the framework, and everything works.