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I’m trying to build a basic development editor. Simply, I would like to turn off the antialising in the code editing window ala Xcode and General/SubEthaEdit. I’ve sniffed around the Quartz and General/NSTextView docs online, but don’t seem to be finding anything.

I don’t see where General/XCode and General/SubEthaEdit override the default anti-aliasing behavior; they just tend to use fonts small enough that some user’s prefs (set in the Appearance prefpane) tell them not to antialias text. For example, I turned my minimum anti-aliasing size down to 8 and I use profont 9 and it’s anti-aliased in both General/XCode and General/SubEthaEdit. – Bo

Check out the usesScreenFonts: and setUsesScreenFonts: instance methods of the General/NSLayoutManager class; I think these might be what you’re after. –Wevah

I would like to turn off antialiasing in a General/TextView ala Xcode for a simple IDE I’m working on. Can’t seem to find any info in Apple’s dev docs, any insights?

Monaco 10 is always non antialiased.

Does Antialiasing refer to the use of transparency to smooth edges in any color, or only to grayscale (for black and white images/text)?

Antialiasing refers to a fairly large number of situations which can be grossly summarized as “removing jaggies”.