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Part of the iPhone General/UIKit framework

+ (General/CGRect)fullScreenApplicationContentRect;

Returns the size of the phone’s screen.

+ (int)deviceOrientation:(BOOL)flag;

Returns the orientation of the phone, natch. (With the flag set, it does something on the corners.) The General/UIApplication method deviceOrientationChanged is called when the phone is rotated.

This seems to work only if the application is started from the General/SpringBoard GUI (rather than from an ssh command line).

Was this removed/deprecated/replaced ? it does not exists in the 2.0 sdk anymore.

Not removed, merely moved, to General/UIDevice.

The file itself WAS removed General/UIHardware.h from General/UIKIt , and General/UIDevice does not return any information about screen size , only returns device orientation and device info.

I missed the screen size method. But doesn’t General/UIScreen provide that information?

  1. screen size 2.0: General/[[UIScreen mainScreen] bound]
  2. General/UIHardware is still in 2.0 but it is hidden by official header file. So that for General/AppStore oriented developer, it is same as removed.