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Part of the iPhone General/UIKit framework. Subclass of General/UIView.

This is that handy navigation header that goes on the top of views that can be.. navigated.

Button Styles: 0 = Normal, 1 = Red, 2 = Back Arrow, 3 = Blue


- (id)initWithFrame:(General/CGRect)frame;

Designated initializer!

- (void)showButtonsWithLeftTitle:(General/NSString*)left rightTitle:(General/NSString*)right leftBack:(BOOL)flag;

Sets the title of the left and right buttons, and specifies whether the left button has the “back” styling. If a title is nil, its corresponding button is not shown.

- (void)setDelegate:(id)delegate;

Delegate receives clicks.

- (void)setBarStyle:(int)style;

0 - Normal Style

1 - Dark Style

2 - Dark Style, Semi-transparent

3+ Ignored, assumed Normal Style

** General/UINavigationBar delegate methods **

- (void)navigationBar:(General/UINavigationBar*)bar buttonClicked:(int)which;

0 for left, 1 for right.

NOTE: my demo app is returning 1 for left, 0 for right.