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Wrapper for General/UITable that implements “sections”, like the Contacts list.

setSectionListStyle seems to only have 2 styles… Blue and White. (Blue is the default) The blue and white alternate

Example: Blue: 0,2,4 White: 1,3,5

Sounds like the style is a mask, then.. —-

** Sample code **

   // List view table
    sectionList = General/[[UISectionList alloc] initWithFrame:General/CGRectMake(0.0f, 43.0f, 320.0f, 480.0f - 48.0f - 43.0f - 16.0f) showSectionIndex:NO];
    [sectionList setDataSource:self];
    [sectionList reloadData];
    [listView addSubview:sectionList];
    table = [sectionList table];
    [table setShouldHideHeaderInShortLists:NO];
    General/UITableColumn * packageColumn = General/[[UITableColumn alloc] initWithTitle:@"Title" identifier:@"title" width:320.0f];
    [table addTableColumn:packageColumn];
    [table setSeparatorStyle:1];
    [table setRowHeight:48.0f];
    [table setDelegate:self];
    //[table setDataSource:self]; // do not set these and do not add table as a subview of anything, interface with it via the sectionList
    //[table reloadData];

#pragma mark Section List Data Source

// the rest is regular table data source delegate responses