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Part of the iPhone General/UIKit framework. Subclass of General/UIView. (Unlike in General/AppKit..)

Abstract (?) superclass of whatever you’d ever want to display in a General/UITable. Useful subclasses include:


Those little right arrows? They’re ‘disclosures’. Use like:

[cell setDisclosureStyle: 2];

[cell setShowDisclosure: YES];

Where style 1 (default) is the round blue arrow and 2 is the basic grey arrow.

Row Selected Style:setShowSelection

[cell setShowSelection: NO];

Setting setShowSelection: NO removes the text Highlite. YES is the default state.

Row Selected Style:setSelectionStyle

[cell setSelectionStyle: 1];

Setting setSelectionStyle: 1 changes the selection color of the row to red (0 || 4+ == blue, 1 == red, 2 == grey, 3 == green)