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Hi, I had a requirement that I need to ship my application in the form of a package(.pkg). And also I need to set a custom icon for the created package. Creation of package and setting custom icon is working fine.

But the problem is when I downloaded the Package from the browser(Safari,Firefox), its getting the default icon again. i.e whatever I have set the custom icon to the package, its not preserving.

Here is the step by step, how I have set the custom icon. a) Build the source code, then got General/ b) then using “General/PackageMaker”, I have created General/SampleApplication.pkg. c) To set a custom icon, icon.jpg to my General/SampleApplication.pkg , i) use “sips” command� i.e sips -i icon.jpg ii) use “General/DeRez” command� i.e General/DeRez -only ins icon.jpg > newicon.rsrc iii) use “Rez” command�. i.e Rez -append newicon.rsrc -o General/SampleApplication.pkg iv) use “General/SetFile” command�. i.e General/SetFile -a C General/SampleApplication.pkg

Till this point, everything is working fine. Now a) I have deployed “General/SampleApplication.pkg” on a Windows machine. b) Downloaded “General/SampleApplication.pkg” from Safari/Firefox browser, but getting back default package icon instead of my own custom icon (icon.jpg).

Any idea, how to preserve the custom icon after downloading it.

Thanks, Satyanarayana Chebrolu