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This is my first Cocoa application: It is an General/AppleScript application

On build and run, the build is Successful and no errors or warning, but on run I get this error on te Run: page

2003-06-16 12:15:31.076 General/GalleryBuilder[523] An uncaught exception was raised 2003-06-16 12:15:31.103 General/GalleryBuilder[523] ** class error for ‘General/ASKNibObjectInfo’: class not loaded 2003-06-16 12:15:31.119 General/GalleryBuilder[523] ** Uncaught exception: <General/NSArchiverArchiveInconsistency> *** class error for ‘General/ASKNibObjectInfo’: class not loaded

General/GalleryBuilder has exited due to signal 5 (SIGTRAP).

I do not understand this and need some help please. Thanks, Steven King ( )

At a guess, I’d say you need to include the General/AppleScriptKit framework. You’ll find it in /System/Library/Frameworks

Thanks, it worked, I thing when I started it was a Cocoa application instead of an Applescript Studio app, thanks again