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This isn’t really a programming question (well, maybe it is, using APE..), but one thing I’ve noticed about AB that really bugs me (I consider it a bug) is this behavor:

I create a new card, then start editing the fields. I type something wrong into one of the fields and hit Cmd-Z. Instead of simply undoing the text entry, it undoes the enire card creation. Now, of course, I can redo the card creation, but that’s a pain, and it’s unexpected. If I’m editing text, I expect undo to undo the text editing ONLY, like in any other text editing application.

I assume this is because AB doesn’t register each keypress/field entry with the Undo Manager, probably for speed reasons. I can think of two solutions:

1) Speed up the Undo Manager in General/AppKit 2) “Take over” the undo functionality (like in old-style pre-Cocoa) ONLY for the field entry mode on a card, and disable the “global” Undo Manager” while in the text-entry mode.

I guess what I’m asking is: is anyone else bothered by this, and could the General/CocoaDev community here organize to put, say 600 bug/feature reports about this on General/BugReporter so it’ll get noticed?


General/NSTextFields don’t have undo by defaults. See []

I don’t think General/AddressBook uses General/NSTextFields. The pane is an instance of a subclass of General/NSTextView.

General/FScriptAnywhere verifies this.