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A General/UnitTest is a test for a single unit of code– usually, a class.

A class is not a single unit of code. A method is not necessarily a single unit of code.

Look at the parseXml method in General/OmniExpatExample for example (copied here for convenience)

This method needs at least two unit tests: one where the if statement evaluates to true and one where it evaluates to false.

Some methods, like simple getters and setters, don’t need tests. Some methods need multiple tests.

Indeed, a single test case should test a single expected result. Check out for a very detailed discussion of unit tests. In fact, spend the next 10 days trawling through c2. It’s a requisite read.


From their site: “We are located in Portland, Oregon, though now our work now takes us to Redmond every other week.” … and this is supposed to make me trust their code-testing abilities?

It’s actually their testing abilities - and Redmond’s awareness of their need for them - that started the bi-weekly trips.