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Small, “Universal” badges to mark your Intel-ready binaries on your web sites. Released under an Attribution-General/ShareAlike Creative Commons license (yes, that means commercial use is OK, see ).

Download the icon pack (with Fireworks PNG source files) at Feel free to work on them and tweak them as you wish. – General/EmanueleVulcano

Apple also has a gorgeous logo at, which can be licensed at – General/EmanueleVulcano

I would recommend using apple’s badge since it’s from “the source” and is more likely to be recognized by consumers. This would otherwise be like making up your own Mac badge and using it instead of Apple’s. It’s not a good idea to make your own badges for another company’s technology/branding/whatever.

I noticed the logo seconds later after making this post. Yay for General/NetNewsWire and my extensive list of tech-related blogs for that. – General/EmanueleVulcano