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Does anybody know of good Unix (OS X) sites that are as useful as General/CocoaDev? You know, say you want to limit a user’s disk quota and you’re running client in stead of server and you don’t have the GUI so you’re wondering how to pull that off from the command line… and you don’t know how… where would a question like that find a quick (and useful) reply? - which has OS X UNIX hints.

I think has a UNIX section, but I can’t bring the site up at the moment to verify that.

You can go to the source of the POSIX specification at:

I also highly recommend Unix Power Tools, Third Edition by Shelley Powers; This book covers just about everything that can be done from a UNIX command line and the third edition covers the specifics/differences for OS X as well.

The O’Reilly Mac General/DevCenter [] has some UNIX related info. They also publish a boat-load of UNIX related books; most of which apply to Mac OS X with very little effort.

Oh, and there is always man, whatis, and apropos from the command line itself. - Also has a OS X UNIX section.

There’s also some short hints at

i’ve found a Mac-Unix thread here: > Support > Mac OS X Technologies > Unix: