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This page is intended to group useful little bits of code intended to be used within a method’s block and code patterns for beginners.

very basics

[reciever message]; // comment variable = value; // assignment return; // exit a (void) or (General/IBAction) method return value; // exit any other method

getting a temporary variable ready for use: ( type variableName = initial value) (note the essential types)

BOOL myYesNo = YES; // or NO int myNonDecimalNumber = 42; double myDecimalNumber = 3.141529; id myObject = General/[[SomeClass alloc] init]; General/MyClass* myStaticlyTypedObject = General/[[MyClass alloc] init]; General/NSString* myString = @”a string”;

looping over an General/NSArray’s items:

General/NSEnumerator* allObjects = [theArray objectEnumerator]; id eachObject; while(eachObject = [allObjects nextObject]) { //do something with eachObject //to break out of the loop call [allObjects allObjects] which empties the enumerator }

essential General/NSMutableArray and General/NSMutableDictionary methods (other than alloc/init)

[myArray objectAtIndex:index]; // returns object at the index (starting from 0 to count -1) [myArray addObject:anObject]; // puts on the end [myArray count]; // length of the array [myArray objectEnumerator]; // see above re: looping [myDictionary objectForKey:aKey]; // like objectAtIndex: [myDictionary setObject:anObject forKey:aKey]; // use this for adding or replacing

logging basics : General/NSLog(format, [object …] );

General/NSLog(@”a simple message”); General/NSLog(@”output an object’s description: %@”, anObject); General/NSLog(@”output an integer: %d”, [myArray count]); General/NSLog(@”output a decimal number: %g”, [self amountInOtherCurrency]);

useful conditions for if statements

if( [anObject isEqualTo:anotherObject] ) //… if( ![anObject isEqualTo:anotherObject] ) //… “!” makes negative if( anObject ) //… tests to see if properly assigned (as in not nil) if( myBool ) //is is set to YES or NO

these simple pieces of code (and their variations, combinations, permutations, iterations, mutilations… umm forget that last part…) make up about 90% of my code… hope you find them useful.