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Getting results from a shell command in General/AppleScript:

getMyWANIp = @”set theResult to do shell script ( "/usr/bin/curl –connect-timeout 5 -s | grep ‘Your ip is’ | awk ‘{print $4}’") as string”;

NSAppleScript * myScript = General/NSAppleScript alloc] initWithSource:getMyWANIp]; NSString * wanFromApplescript = [[myScript executeAndReturnError:nil] stringValue];

Note: This would very rarely be a good idea. If you need to run a shell script, use [[NSTask. If you like, you can also use plain C methods like system() and popen().

If you want to download some HTTP content, take a look at General/NSURL and friends.

General/AppleScript is very handy, however, for running a shell command and opening it up in the Terminal. Such as SSH tasks – build up a big long SSH command string in your Cocoa app, then use General/AppleScript to run it in Terminal.

couldn’t you do the same thing with General/NSWorkspace and ssh:// ? this would also let people use other terminal apps.