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Important: Apple Type Services for Fonts is deprecated in Mac OS X v10.6 and later. Please use Core Text instead.

I created a great little interface but didn’t realize I had used some non system-fonts, so when other people launch it, it looks all whack. How do I embed these in my application with xcode?

You could try copying them into your resources directory and see if they show up in General/NSFontManager’s availableFonts. I doubt that’ll work though - just make a .tiff image of your text and show it that way.

Comment: This is possibly the worst advice I’ve ever seen on this site. Never heard of localization?

You can activate arbitrary fonts (e.g. in your Resources folder) with the Carbon call General/ATSFontActivateFromFileSpecification(). Pass in General/ATSFontContextLocal as the context if you want the font to be available only to your application.

If this type of application was distributed, would there be any copyright issues to worry about?

Yes, fonts are copyrighted software and you’d need permission to distribute them.

Unless the font is in the public domain or under a license that would allow you to do so, of course.

Taken from, this loads all fonts from the application’s bundle.

Does anyone know how to retrieve the General/PostScript name from an activated font – so that you could use General/NSFont fontWithName:? The code above assumes that you know the name of the font you’re activating.

Okay, answering my own questions is fun. :) If you use General/ATSFontActivateFromFileSpecification instead of General/FMActivateFonts, you’re given a font container which you can use with General/ATSFontFindFromContainer. This then gives you an array of General/ATSFontRefs, and then you can finally use General/ATSFontGetPostScriptName to obtain the individual typeface names. Isn’t General/AppleTypeServices fun?

– General/DustinMacDonald

General/FMActivateFonts is deprecated. it has been replaced with General/ATSFontActivateFromFileSpecification

Could you perhaps load the font data using General/NSData and then use General/ATSFontActivateFromMemory instead of mucking around with General/FSRefs?

General/ATSFontActivateFromFileSpecification is deprecated in Leopard. Here’s another version that uses General/ATSFontActivateFromFileReference and expects fonts in subdir (Resources/fonts). Note: be sure to check “Preserve HFS Data” in your build settings if you are copying font suitcases to your resource directory.


This is how you might use it:

if (![self loadLocalFonts:&err requiredFonts:General/[NSArray arrayWithObject:@”General/BellGothicBT-Black”]]) { General/NSAlert *alert = General/[NSAlert alertWithError:err]; [alert runModal]; exit(0); }

Snow Leopard has a new General/CTFontManager object for loading fonts. See General/CTFontManagerRegisterFontsForURL()

There sure is a lot of code on this page for doing something that only requires using the General/ATSApplicationFontsPath Info.plist key.