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I had a need to display an interface as either a sheet or a stand-alone window depending on the context it’s used it.

However it seems that the window gets permanently modified when displayed as a sheet and will no longer display its titlebar (and associated window controls) when displayed as a window later.

So I decided instead to create (in IB) a blank window (“mySRwindow”), a blank panel (“General/SRWindowPanel”) and a customView with the interface (“panelContentView”) and switch in/out the view into the panel and window as needed.

I setup the code as follows:

When showing as window:

// restores the view as needed and shows the window
[mySRwindow setContentView:panelContentView];
[mySRwindow makeKeyAndOrderFront:nil];

When showing as a sheet: .. … General/[SRWindowPanel setContentView:panelContentView]; General/[NSApp beginSheet:General/SRWindowPanel modalForWindow:General/[NSApp keyWindow] modalDelegate:nil didEndSelector:nil contextInfo:nil];