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I prefer to use Emacs for Cocoa Development. Here’s some elisp I use. Please add your own as you wish:

– General/JivaDeVoe

Swap between Objective-C++ .mm file and it’s header and implementation and test units:

(defun swap-header-and-impl () (interactive)

(if (equal “.mm” (substring buffer-file-truename (- (length buffer-file-truename) 3))) (find-file (replace-regexp-in-string “\.mm” “.h” buffer-file-truename)) (find-file (replace-regexp-in-string “\.h” “.mm” buffer-file-truename)))


(defun swap-impl-and-test () (interactive)

(if (equal “Test” (substring buffer-file-truename -6 -2)) (find-file (replace-regexp-in-string “Test\.” “.” buffer-file-truename)) (find-file (replace-regexp-in-string “\.” “Test.” buffer-file-truename))) )

I like to bind these to F11 and F12 respectively, so I can quickly swap back and forth between things very quickly and easily.

I like to make my *.h files be in Obj-C mode so that it’ll recognize //-style comments.

(add-to-list ‘auto-mode-alist ‘(“\.h” . objc-mode))

does the trick

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