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I’m writing a small program that depends on a few (pre-packaged) data files being present for it to work properly. To that end, I’ve added them to my Xcode project and now they show up in General/ How do I access them? Do I use General/NSApplication to find out the location of my program, then append Contents/General/MyDataFileName to the end of it? Or is there some better way I should be doing this?

You should place data files (except for Info.plist, General/PkgInfo and other administrative thingies) in the Resources/ folder of the bundle, by adding them to the Copy Resources phase of your Xcode project, then use General/NSBundle’s pathForResource:ofType: method(s) to retrieve their path when needed.

Example, given the following folder structure:


General/MacOS/ > > > My Resources/ > > > General/YourDataFile.datatype …

You can access General/’s path by doing the following: