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Does anyone know if there’s some special magic trick to using a frameset for a help guide for Help Viewer?

I’ve read Apple’s vague-and-unhelpful documentation on the subject (as well as their non-working examples), and studied some of the actual help files (ex. Safari’s) on the system and my help pages are setup the same way, (content table frame on left,right frame used for topic), but whenever I click on a topic in the left frame, the topic fills the whole page, instead of just the right frame, as though the target frame name is not recongnized.

The only other reference I’ve found on this is this post:, which seems to confirm that Apple Help is somewhat of a PITA.

Any ideas?

I’m having the same kinds of problems at the moment as well. I initially thought frames were only for dynamically generated parts of a help book, but now I don’t know.

Of course, it would help if Apple provided full examples, instead of just a bunch of snippets, as well as actual working samples (you readin’ this, Apple??)