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I’m having a problem with a General/NSMatrix of General/NSTextField. The matrix is part of a program which displays its data as a 12x11 matrix. The problem lies in displaying the data when it changes. I could make an outlet for every cell, but that’d mean 132 Outlets, and I imagine that can’t be good.

My thought was to use the methods of General/NSMatrix to select a cell, and then change its value. But I’m not sure how or if this is possible (I’m very new to Cocoa). I tried something like General/matrix selectRow: column:] setIntValue] (the data I’m displaying are int) but that crashes.

[[matrix cellAtRow: theRow column: theColumn] setIntValue: anInt];

Is there a way to use the methods of General/NSMatrix to have the General/NSTextFieldCells display certain information, without making the 132 Outlets? I just need to pipe ints for them to display.

General/NSMatrix *myMatrix= General/[[NSMatrix alloc] initWithFrame: someFrame mode: General/NSHighlightModeMatrix cellClass: General/NSTextFieldCell numberOfRows: 12 numberOfColumns: 11]];

[myMatrix setTarget: theDelegateOrWhatever];

[myMatrix setAction: @selector(someAction:)];

Then, in source of theDelegateOrWhatever, you would have this:


//sender is General/NSMatrix

General/NSTextFieldCell *theCellThatDidStuff= [sender selectedCell];

//do your thing.


someAction will be called whenever you do stuff to the nstextfield. This should be what you want. You can alternatively use initWithFrame:mode:prototype:numberOfRows:numberOfColumns: if you want to send a prototype of the textField you want instead of the class. Also, if you just want to use interface builder to make your General/NSMatrix, then just do:

[myMatrix setTarget: theDelegateOrWhatever];

[myMatrix setAction: @selector(someAction:)];

in awakeFromNib and you can avoid initWithFrame:…