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I have created an General/NSView that is to serve as a template for several more General/NSViews that will be created. The code looks like this:

bookmarksBarItemTemplate is the template General/NSView, and bookmarksBarItem is a button that is contained inside bookmarksBarItemTemplate. I have an outlet to both of them set up in IB.

When I run my application, it duplicates the General/NSView the number of times I tell it to, but there are a few problems. Firstly, the action I set to each button doesn’t seem to be sticking. Nothing happens when I click any of the duplicated buttons. Secondly, the first duplicated item I create is an EXACT copy of the template (the title, etc didnt get changed, even though I told it to change.) I’ve spent quite a while trying to fix these two errors to no avail. I’d appreciate any help.

– General/MattBall

General/NSView* newBookmarksBarItem = [copiedBookmarksBarItemTemplate initWithFrame:General/NSMakeRect(location,0,60,16)];
[bookmarksBar addSubview:newBookmarksBarItem];
[bookmarksBarItem setTitle:title]; <--
[bookmarksBarItem setAlternateTitle:address]; <--
[bookmarksBarItem setAction:@selector(loadBookmarkItem:)]; <--

The lines with arrows to them should send the messages to newBookmarksBarItem and not bookmarksBarItem.

– General/JesperL