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Has anyone used Apple’s new Rendezvous technology in Cocoa? I’m trying to figure the best way to get started to add the capability to a game I have been writing. Ideally communicating on a peer-to-peer basis, perhaps with one of the players acting as a server for the others who respond as clients. The end goal being able to play head-to-head over the internet. (Initially tested on a local LAN) Rendezvous seems to be the best method as it can be added to a Windows version should I decide it makes sense.

Rendezvous is just resource location. You’ll still need to design / adopt some client server architecture appropriate for your game.

Check out the General/RendezVous page. It contains a lot of articles on working with Rendezvous. I found this one to be particularly useful:

– General/RyanBates

Thanks for the link. I’m not worried about the TCP/IP communication issues as I’m quite familiar with socket programmings from my C++ work with Windows. I just wanted to design an architecture that didn’t require a dedicated server running 24/7 to manage the connections for people to find each other. Rendezvous appeared that it might fit the bill.

For a LAN, Rendezvous would be perfect. If you’re wanting to have it work for two arbitrary machines on the Big Bad Internet, then you’ll probably need the 24/7 dedicated server. For Rendezvous to work beyond General/LANs requires some special routing stuff I don’t understand to be set up.