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General/NSButton is a subclass of General/NSControl. Any General/NSControl has methods for setting and finding its state. Check the superclass (in this case, of General/NSButton) when looking for a method that you don’t see in the subclass with which you are working.

(the discussion that was here, which was about using bindings to try to validate a control from the contents of a string, was appended to General/ValidatingUserInterface)

According to the Cocoa User Interface Validation documentation at “The protocols General/NSUserInterfaceValidations and General/NSValidatedUserInterfaceItem provide a standard way to validate user interface items�that is, to set their state as appropriate for the current application context”.

Unfortunately, automatic user interface validation is provided only for menu items and toolbar items. General/HHValidatedButton implements interface validation in a General/NSButton subclass. It is a drop-in subclass of General/NSButton. It channels validation through validateButton: and validateUserInterfaceItem:. Available from: