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Am I misunderstanding how validateToolbarItem gets called? The items are still connected to actions but the items don’t get disabled!!

General/NSToolbarItem addresses this, namely “…it is sent to the item’s target, NOT to the toolbar delegate.”

Moving the method to my items’ target got it working.

Validating toolbar items with General/NSFontManager

I’ve created a few toolbar items that target a standard General/NSFontManager and I can’t validate them. Subclassing didn’t seem to work.

To validate these toolbar items I need to get the number of selected rows from a tableView (IB Outlet).

– General/GarrettMurray

Same problem as the opener. Just create your own controller class and target that from the toolbar, passing messages to General/NSFontManager as appropriate

solved –General/GarrettMurray

You can use interface validation to change properties of toolbar items on the fly, as it were; see General/ChangeToolbarItemProperties