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Is there any way to continue rendering a General/QCRenderer while clicking buttons or resizing your window? I have a custom view rendering a Quartz composition with a General/QCRenderer and a video feed in the composition and the video feed refreshs with an General/NSTimer, and when I click a button or anything like that it freezes the General/NSView that I’m rendering to. Also if I do expose and then move the window I get a repeated flashing in the General/NSView. Is there anyway to fix this?

Heres the code:

  . . . //I looked to the Quartz Composer Programming guide for some of this General/NSOpenGLPixelFormatAttribute	attributes[] = {General/NSOpenGLPFAAccelerated, General/NSOpenGLPFANoRecovery,       General/NSOpenGLPFADoubleBuffer,    General/NSOpenGLPFADepthSize, 24, 0};
long swapInterval = 1;
General/NSString *path;
General/NSString *videoPath;

pixelFormat = General/[[NSOpenGLPixelFormat alloc] initWithAttributes:attributes];
context = General/[[NSOpenGLContext alloc] initWithFormat:pixelFormat shareContext:nil];
[context setValues:&swapInterval forParameter:General/NSOpenGLCPSwapInterval];

//We need to know when the rendering view frame changes so that we can update the General/OpenGL contex

[context setView: qcView];
path = General/[[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"Billboard" ofType:@"qtz"];
videoPath = General/[[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"Video" ofType:@"qtz"];

videoRenderer = General/[[QCRenderer alloc] initWithOpenGLContext:context pixelFormat:pixelFormat file:videoPath];
renderer = General/[[QCRenderer alloc] initWithOpenGLContext:context pixelFormat:pixelFormat file:path];

//Render timer for rendering Quartz and feeding it the video.
#define kRendererFPS 30.0
renderTimer = General/[[NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:(1.0 /
                    retain]; } - (void)renderFrame:(General/NSTimer *)timer {
[self renderWithEvent:nil]; } - (void) renderWithEvent:(General/NSEvent*)event {
General/NSTimeInterval  time = General/[NSDate timeIntervalSinceReferenceDate];

if(startTime == 0)
    startTime = time;
    time = 0;
    time -= startTime;
[videoRenderer renderAtTime:time arguments:nil];
[renderer setValue:[videoRenderer valueForOutputKey:@"Video"] forInputKey:@"Image"];
[renderer renderAtTime:time arguments:nil];
[context flushBuffer]; }

You need to add your timer to additional run-loop modes. The sheduledTimer… call only adds it to the default runloop mode which is interrupted by resizes, menu pulldowns and lots of other stuff. From the docs: “The General/NSTimer class method scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:invocation:repeats:, for example, creates a new timer object and adds it to the General/NSDefaultRunLoopMode mode of the current run loop. If you instead create the timer with timerWithTimeInterval:invocation:repeats:, you must add it manually to the run loop with the General/NSRunLoop instance method addTimer:forMode:, which allows you to specify a different mode.” The mode you need to add it to is General/NSEventTrackingRunLoopMode. This is basically the same problem as General/NSTimerDoesntRunWhenMenuClicked –General/GrahamCox

Thanks, really appreciate it.