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If you’re updating the view each iteration that could be improved by simply updating every N iterations where N could be 100000 or 500000, etc. -B

Hello this is another one of my sort of vague questions, which would probably be easier to see if you have the actual application files in front of you so if i could ask so much as if your interested in helping me to email me ( and i will email you the files to examine.

My issue is with my coinflipping application. I want to be able to do flips faster. At the moment i can do 500000 flips in about 2 mins and 1 billion in around 1 hundred hours with the view updating for every flip. If i turn the updating off i can do 1 billion flips in about 1 min 30 secs.

So my question is how to update the view from within a General/NSOperation object without taking processing time or power i suppose. I will continue to post more info for the question but please email me if you think you can help me with this.