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Apple said that they would add wchar_t support in Panther and according to this page: they say:

The standard C and C++ wide character type wchar_t and the wstring template class that makes use of it are supported in the system libraries for Mac OS X version 10.3 […] if you need to use these data types in software that will run in versions of Mac OS X prior to Panther, you should obtain a third-party standard C library

Now I am asking myself � what did they actually add? IIRC wstring and friends worked fine under Jaguar, although toupper would fail for non-ASCII characters, but this situation is exactly the same under Panther.

I.e. this will give compile error: cout « L”�blegr�d” « endl; and so will this cout « wstring(L”�blegr�d”) « endl;. And writing code like this:

wchar_t upcase (wchar_t const& ch) { return std::toupper(ch, std::locale(“da”)); } … wchar_t const* str = L”�blegr�d”; transform(str, str + char_traits::length(str), ostream_iterator(cout), upcase);

Will output �BLEGR�D, i.e. not �BLEGR�D.