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Greetings: I’m taking baby steps here. All I want to do is to call General/WSMethodInvocationInvoke() without parameters and get any response.

Here’s what I have:

@try { // I. Define the location of the SOAP service and method. // Create a method invocation. Parameters: // (1) URL to the SOAP service; // (2) the name of the SOAP method to call; // (3) a constant to specify the SOAP2001 protocol; soapCall = General/WSMethodInvocationCreate((General/CFURLRef)soapURL, // (1) (General/CFStringRef)theAction, // (2) kWSSOAP2001Protocol); // (3)

    // II. Set up the parameters to be passed to the SOAP method.
    // III. Make the call and parse the results.
    theResultDict = (General/NSDictionary*)General/WSMethodInvocationInvoke(soapCall); 

    // If the results are a fault, display an error to the user with the fault 
    // code and descriptive string 
    if (General/WSMethodResultIsFault((General/CFDictionaryRef)theResultDict)) { 
        General/NSRunAlertPanel(General/[NSString stringWithFormat:@"Error %@", 
                         [theResultDict objectForKey: (General/NSString*)kWSFaultCode]], 
                        [theResultDict objectForKey: (General/NSString*)kWSFaultString], @"OK", @"", @""); 
    } else { 
        // Otherwise, pull the results from the dictionary, 
        // held as another dictionary named "soapVal" 
        General/NSDictionary *dictionary = [theResultDict objectForKey:(General/NSString*)kWSMethodInvocationResult]; 
     } // end if().

This is merely a shell. I’ve launched this in Xcode 3.1 (beta) using Leopard OS 10.5.2.

The code HANGS at General/WSMethodInvocationInvoke().

I was expecting an error or a nil reply or something.

Any ideas?